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September 5, 2010

Internet Income

Is All Internet Income Training A Scam?

I think the lure of making money online reached a pinnacle recently.  Too many people were sucked into Internet Income Training and now feel like they were scammed.  A big settling out is taking place.  It seems too many marketers sold the idea but only few delivered real value.  Today, marketers give away the same programs they once sold for big money with a motive of selling their next precious program to you.

Marketers make a lot of money and still do from a gullible public who think it is so easy and anybody can get rich overnight.  It is not true.  Every internet income training system should tell people how long the journey may be and how much study, learning and implementation there really is to making money online.

Internet Income Training Is Everywhere

A fiend of mind told me when I first considered trying to make money online that I should not pay for anything for the first six months.  It was probably some of the best advice I could ever receive.

And it’s true.  There is so much information out there on internet income training.  Just look for it.

However, if a person has no clue, it can be real difficult to understand much of it.  Therefore, actual internet income training can be useful.  But you should do a lot of your own research before and after becoming involved.

Internet Income Training From The Gurus

Firstly I should say, if a marketer has reached guru status and has a reputation as such, you will get little support and no hands-on help with internet income training from them.  They feel their program answers all your questions and it is up to you to implement it.

Secondly I will say, guru training is not the divine answer.   Hard work is the answer.

Is Internet Income Training Really Available?

All the gurus will sell you a program on Internet Income Training.  Most of the time, the only ones who make the money are the gurus themselves in selling their training.  Any smart person should see through this.  But a dream is easily reinforced by the hype.   Fortunately, there are programs with hands on support and training that few of the gurus will give you. These people are not known as gurus, yet.  You must find them.

Find someone who is not so big that they will take the time to teach you.  Having a web presence, knowing how to drive traffic, and having a compelling offer are the things people really need help with.  This business requires some hand holding.

Success in all endeavors requires work too.  Studying, learning, understanding, knowing, and implementing is all the difficult tasks and only you yourself can do those things.

I hope this article has helped you understand more about internet income training.  If so, please re-tweet it or leave a comment below.


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8 Responses to “Internet Income Training”

  1. Butch Taylor Says:

    Jerry, Teach Me!


  2. Angel Taylor Says:

    Jerry I completely agree with you that the guru training is not always the answer. Many times, they are simply concerned with their bottom line and helping newbies isn’t really what they do. Not all of them of course, but a large majority of them go this route.

    I like the advice about not spending any money for the first six months cause I’m sure that’s when I spent the most of mine lol. Though some of it was completely worth the money :)

    Great stuff as usual Jerry!


  3. Kwin Says:

    Oops! I already have a hard drive full of purchased “Systems”.
    I found that the programs I spent less than $50 or free teach me the most. Recently I was offered a $1,000 program. It sounded fishy and I could not check out reviews on the Warrior Forum.

    I’m new to this blog but interested to know what you have to offer in the way of training Jerry.


    • Jerry Lucado Says:

      Hi Again Kwin,

      Yes, most programs, especially the expensive ones, only take your money and don’t teach very much.
      I offer all kinds of training; wp websites, SEO, article marketing, video marketing, blogging, e-commerce, mindset, etc…….

      But some very basic free advice to make money online is that you must sell something!
      My best to you.


  4. Doron Feldman Says:

    This is right on. people need to understand this before jumping in. it will take allot of work and long time before money come in if at all.


  5. make money online Says:

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